About AI


We create the most advanced AI-based driving style analysis on the market.


With the use of camera and advanced machine learning techniques we are able to automatically detect and analyse the following events:

Crossing on a red light
Aggressive, dangerous or illegal overtaking
Keeping a safe distance between vehicles
Excessive hopping between lanes

Competitive advantage for Insurance Company

The most advanced driving style analysis on the market would allow us to truly capture the real situation on the road and therefore give our clients even more precise insight into their customers’ behaviour.

Our Solution

We created a module that uses images from a smartphone camera to analysedangerous road situations, such as tailgating, hopping between lanes of traffic or speeding in proximity of pedestrian crossing.

We built a deep learning model, using the CNN model and YOLO detector. We have used transfer learning from a model trained on COCO and then trained it on a custom built dataset (ca 50 000 images captured from a dash camera) on our specific use-case.

Telematic components

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Custom solutions

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