Case studies

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Driving Behaviour Analysis System

The goal of the project was to create a next-generation driver behaviour analysis platform for motor insurance purposes. Unlike all other existing platforms, the solution should utilise truly contextual data, coming from a camera. Additionally, the solution should be cheap to introduce to B2C customers, thus it cannot require additional hardware.

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Leading Consulting Company in Japan

Driver’s Behaviour Analysis Platform

Our client, a leading consultancy firm in Japan, wanted to extend their offer by building a telematics platform that evaluates users’ driving behaviour. The system had to be modular and customisable, so that it can be offered in different configurations to clients in various sectors.

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Smart Parking

Parking Optimisation System

Our client wanted to build a system to reduce the time needed to find a parking spot in the city. The goal of the system is to intelligently calculate a route in a way that maximises the chance of finding a parking spot close to the user’s destination. The system should include advanced predictive analysis and recognition of behaviour patterns.

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Crash detection system

The goal of the project was to create a system that automatically detects that a vehicle was involved in an accident and automatically notifies an emergency center about the possible dangerous situation.

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