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Leading Consulting Company in Japan

Driver’s Behaviour Analysis Platform


Our client, a leading consultancy firm in Japan, wanted to extend their offer by building a telematics platform that evaluates users’ driving behavior. The system had to be modular and customizable, so that it can be offered in different configurations to clients in various sectors.

Key non-functional requirements included full horizontal scalability and low operational costs.


June 2018–still being developed

Tool used
Backend platform

Kotlin, Kafka, Cassandra, Spring 5, Redis, Docker, AWS EC2, ECS, RDS, S3





Web dashboard

Web dashboard


Number of members: 11 people Project Manager, Technical Lead, 8 Developers, UX Designer


We developed a feature-rich system that allows users to measure their driving skills. The system is based on heterogeneous data, such as real-time GPS data, weather and road conditions, traffic congestion, speed limits and drivers’ lifestyle information. Each users trip is assigned a score that describes how safely the user was driving. The algorithm detects hazardous events, such as speed limit violations, harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering. The system also contains social features, such as commenting and liking friends’ trips, collecting badges, receiving tips etc. The system is distributed and is deployed on multiple nodes that asynchronously process incoming data.

We have based the cartographic data on open-source data, reducing this way costs associated to using commercial APIs.

The mobile applications are modular and consist of a telematic SDK and a UI layer. This way the SDK can be offered as a standalone component that can be embedded in other applications.

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