About Custom Solutions

Custom solutions

We believe that any innovative solution should reflect unique business goals and adapt to specific industry conditions.
That’s why we can create IoT systems from scratch that are ideally suited to the specific customers’ needs.

Our team of experienced specialists is able to address the most complicated problems, while our expertise in areas other than telematics (eg AI and blockchain) allows us to offer solutions that go far beyond standard UBI products.

We always adopt the solution and process to suit the specific needs of each client. We assist our clients at all stages of the project, starting from defining the requirements up to the final deployment and support.

Having extensive experience in delivering projects for international client’s we know how to cooperate and communicate to make the work efficient and effortless.

Got an idea of a new application? We’ll make it happen

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest thing in business creation. That’s why we want to help new entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a successful product.

We work in close cooperation with our client’s at each stage of development work. This allows us to build bespoke software solutions which are maximally suited to your needs and the specific character of the sector.

We develop custom made software to help you boost your business!

24/7 support

We meet our customers’ needs and demands with our 24/7 support in any time zone.

We create highly scalable systems

We provide comprehensive development of scalable systems based on data from various devices and sensors. All the systems that we build are horizontally scalable and support high availability deployment schemes. Our systems are designed to handle:

High-frequency data

Thousands of concurrent users and large amounts of data streamed by these users in real-time

The diversity of data - we collect and analyze data from various devices such as phones, OBD2, cameras, environmental sensors, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy devices)

Telematic components

Need a ready to implement telematics component?

Find out more about our solution.

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SparkT app

Do you expect quick results?

Check our comprehensive, ready to use telematics solution.

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