About Telematic Components

Telematic Components

Sparkbit Labs offers ready to implement telematic components that can be combined and customized to realize various business objectives.

We offer four different

Basic telematics
Crash detection
Driver scoring
Driver behaviour analysis

In every industry time is money that’s why our off the shelf telematic components can be easily and quickly integrated with any solution that your company already has.

This service is suited for companies that already have developed a telematic solution but it’s not rich enough to achieve company goals.


Our Approach

Enrich your existing system by adding telematics component which gathers and analyses behavioral, contextual and driving data.

With our basic telematics component you can collect telematics data from various sensors. This can include GPS, accelerometer from a mobile phone or tag, OBD2 dongles or even cameras and radars.

Within basic telematics component we can enrich sensor data with contextual information, such as road types, speed limits, real-time traffic and weather conditions from external providers.

Our Approach

Sparkbit crash detection algorithm is based on a sophisticated suite of tools and mathematical models. All of the development has been conducted in-house, based on extensive experience with both real data from the field and crash testing conducted by our teams.

We monitor both acceleration and speed data at the point of an incident, at a rate of 10 times per second, thus we are able to precisely identify whether a crash has (or hasn’t) taken place.


Competitive Advantage for Insurance Companies

Efficient handling of the multiple challenges thrown up by accidents, such as the need for vehicle recovery, repair work and replacement cars, allows claims managers to drastically reduce the cost implications for insurers

Our Approach

With the use of camera and advanced machine learning techniques we will be able to automatically detect and analyse the following events:

  • Crossing on a red light
  • Aggressive, dangerous or illegal overtaking
  • Keeping a safe distance between vehicles
  • Excessive hopping between lanes


Business Value

The most advanced driving style analysis on the market would allow us to truly capture the real situation on the road and therefore give our clients even more precise insight into their customers’ behaviour.

Our Approach

The Driving Score component is designed to be an engaging way to evaluate drivers’ relative risk and improve users driving behavior. Designed to be integrated directly into the customer’s system, our software development kit (SDK) transforms iOS and Android devices into powerful telematics sensors. Equipped with automatic trip detection, our Driving Score component enables customer devices to capture the driving data needed to power more predictive insights.

While preparing detailed drivers score, we analyze dozens of measures, but focuses mainly on 4 key metrics:

  • Hard Braking (Hitting the brakes too hard can be a sign you aren’t paying attention or you might be tailgating)
  • Rapid Accelerations (Accelerating fast can be a sign of aggressive driving)
  • Dangerous Cornering  ( Harsh turning can be very dangerous )
  • Speeding (Not paying attention of speed limits is one of the top causes of accidents)


How we prepare detailed Drivers Score?

  1. Data collection from various smartphone device sensors such as Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, Compass and others.
  2. Data preparation – cleanup & storage.
  3. Data enrichment with 3rd party data sources such as weather, traffic regulations, road infrastructure, type of settlements.
  4. Precise event detection (speeding, accelerating, braking, cornering).
  5. Detailed score preparation of every trip and user – basis for UBI insurances.


Business Value

From data collection to risk scoring, we have everything you need to provide drivers with more accurate, meaningful and personalized experiences. Thanks to driving score insurance companies can better understand customers behaviour and further reduce loss. Our comprehensive driving score algorithm can help you evaluate driving risk and uncover valuable customer insights.

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