Sparkbit Labs

Sparkbit Labs builds high-quality telematics solutions that suit a client’s individual needs.


Why work with us

We’ve got expertise in managing

thousands of concurrent users and a large amount of data

We’ve got knowledge and experience

our solutions can be perfectly suited to specific client’s needs

We are a reliable partner

in creating high-quality mobility products

We have extensive experience

in delivering highly scalable solutions

Our products and services are suitable for

Insurance companies

Tech startups

Financial companies

Mobile apps providers who want to enrich their offer

Telematics platforms created by Sparkbit Labs are used by thousands of drivers all around the world.

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100 000 - 999 999
10 000 - 99 999
1 000 - 9 999
100 - 999
1 - 99

Every minute telematic platforms created by Sparkbit are used by thousands of drivers all around the world.




We believe that technology should adapt to business goals, not vice versa.

That’s why we offer different solutions each perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Telematics Components

We understand that in every industry time is money that’s why we developed ready to implement telematics components that can be combined and customized to realize various business goals.

This service is suited for companies that want to enrich their existing systems with telematics elements.

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SparkT platform

SparkT is a fully-featured, modular white label UBI platform that uses real-time data fromvarious devices to track and analyze driver behaviour and measure vehicle performance.

As SparkT platform is ready to use this solution is ideally suited to customers who expect quick results.

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Custom solutions

Over many years of developing telematics solutions we observed that every client is distinct and has a different approach to the same industry challenges.

That’s why we can create IoT systems from scratch that are ideally suited to the specific customers’ needs.

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